AGenYZ products delivery within the European Union.

AGenYZ - On the 1st of April we started delivery within the European Union.

AGenYZ - On the 1st of April we started delivery within the European Union. To begin with we registered 3 products. All products are in English, Russian and Greek. Delivery is via DHL and we deliver on average within 3-4 days inside the EU. All products are sent from Cyprus.

The 3 registered products are 3D-Matrix, CellGenetix, AlfaOmega-Q10, which are also our most popular products.

We plan to add 2 more additional delivery methods, depending when regular transport resume. We will add the post and also Aramex courier services.

That will lower the cost for most countries and give us additional options.

However at the time being, DHL is probably the best option, due to quarantine status in most of the EU.

We also deliver outside the EU, however you could be eligible to customs and VAT fees.

To buy the products you can buy via our back-office here: https://office.agenyz.com/shop/eu
Registration - Fill up the form to participate in the AGenYZ loyalty program -https://office.agenyz.com/?bonus=007-830836

The form of registration is in English if the browser is set in English.

We deliver to all countries apart from Russia, Kazakhstan and maybe Belarus.

However all non-EU countries will have to pay VAT and custom duties and there is a chance the customs officer will demand additional documentation. For non-EU countries I recommend to not make a large order (Maximum 40CV). You could be lucky because some countries (such as the USA) allow for small order without VAT or customs.

In non-EU, never order more than 3 bottles of one type of product. If you order more, they could consider this as being a "non-personal consumption" and could ask for additional taxation.

Anyone ordering in Non-EU countries should take the responsibility that most likely you will need to pay VAT or Customs duties. This means you should ask your custom's officer in advance, what the VAT is for food supplements and also what is the customs duty.

Another small advice is to find out what is the limit allowed in your country when buying things online. Some countries allow orders without the need to pay any VAT or customs duties. This amount can be very small (most of South America has a limit of under 20$).

Some non-EU countries, such as Norway/Iceland/Switzerland/Liechtenstein, have special EU agreements, that allow orders from the EU, customs free. Again there will be some limit to the order size though.

Please send write to support.eu@agenyz.com in case of a problem. Indicate your exact problem so that they can give advice or solve this issue as quickly as possible.

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